Track & Trace

Holograms with tamper-proof laser engraved track & trace numbering offer you the overview and control of the worldwide flow of your products at all times.

The more information is saved about the supply chain of a product, the better the chain is understood and potential weak points are detected.

With the help of laser codings that are saved in a database, our 100% quality control allows continuous and very simple traceability of your products - even with a great number of different licensees worldwide.

An innovation in fields of technical labeling is the RAKO LABEL 4.0. It combines state-of-the-art digital printing technology, smart label technology and 100% anti-counterfeiting. It bundles the competencies of the RAKO GROUP in a unique and highly innovative label. A variety of possible application offer real added value: monitoring the entire supply chain, a reliable verification up to the consumer interaction.

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Alphanumerical Codes. 2D-Codes. QR-Codes.

One of several security features of a nanogram is the laserengraved coding. It ist he basis for product traceability. Alphanumerical codes, logo data, or QR codes can be placed tamper-resistant in the nanogram.

Grey-market activities can be easily contained, distribution channels and reselling controlled.

Until today we have produced more than 1 billion holographic labels with individual tracking numbers and supported our customers to control the distribution of goods and markets.

holoInlay is up the answer to the growing problems of product piracy and optimization of the supply chain up to the point of sale. The problem solver is an UHF/RFID- transponder which incorporates a holographic antenna equipped with open and hidden security features. Any attempt to manipulate the product will leave a residue film. The transponder contains a silicon chip that stores its designated information. The holographic antenna is combined with the RFID-Inlay.

The transponder achieves a reading- range of several meters. The system can be used for contactfree bulk reading data of goods in industrial applications, or for daily inventories in retail sales by using handheld readers.

The Digital Signature

Code offers reliable document protection for service providers with high security requirements.

The network-based, track and trace security technologies provides the possibility to analyze graphics on valuable documents, diplomas, certificates, bank cheques or insurance policies with respect to previously integrated or intrinsic image information. Common to all procedures is that the LetterCode can be implemented without changing the design of a document or the printing process. As a result of the invisibility, the LetterCode solution is highly desirable. The verification of documents along their paths or at points of control can be accomplished using commercially available readers. Communication and verification methods are very fast and fulfill the highest security standards.

holoTrackX: The fallback system consist of two parts

First part is a unique tracking code, which is combined with an individual nanogram. Every single product is been marked with an individual code. This security code (Datamatrix or QR-Code) is the basis for product traceability.
It offers the user overview and control of the worldwide flow of products along the whole supply chain.
For product traceability users don’t need specialised technologies. The validation of the code can be checked by every smart phone, Internet or by a scanner. 
The secured databank stores detailed information about the product.
Bargainers or distributors can get an own login-area where detailed informations to the product is listed (date, lot number, factory ).The system also enables a direct contact between brand and internal inspectors.

The unique tracking code is combined with an individual nanogram with several patented security features, classified in four security levels. The security features are embossed into the holographic foil with a resolution of 550,000 dpi, which makes the nanogram 100% tamper proof.

holoTrackX combines two approved security systems. Below you find a short summary of the advantages of the system:

  • holoTrackX is a robust, fully integrated system for ensuring the authenticity of individual units

  • holoTrackX uses globally unique Codes

  • holoTrackX can be easily integrated into existing processes

  • holoTrackX allows direct communication between brand and inspectors

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