High Level Security

Holograms provide your product with the highest level of security against forgeries. With their eye-catching appearance holograms enable an easy optical verification. Our hologram/nanogram offers protection at banknote standard and combines the advantages of high-level recognition with an extremely good price-performance ratio.

Our hologram/nanogram can not be copied by any known technology. During the production with E-Beam technology, security features are embossed into the holographic foil with a resolution of 1,500,000 dpi (dots per inch). The combination of a variety of patented open and hidden security characteristics grant protection at banknote standard.

Nanostructures are one example: these are characterized by a front size of 5 µm (micrometer) as well as line widths of 0,5 µm and can be embossed by eat into a razor-thin PET material. The combination with more security features guarantees extremely high safety barriers against imitations and forgery.

Furthermore our nanograms are equipped with a self-adhesive for easy use. The back is coated with different adhesives and be applied to a carrier foil with a silicone layer, which enables simple removal and application – either manually or mechanically.

Your brand name, pictures or graphics can be easily incorporated and even animated in the nanogram design. On the following pages you will find more about the technical possibilities of hologram/nanogram design.

The hologram/nanogram labels can be produced on rolls or sheets. Depending on the requirements of your existing production process we can coordinate the packaging of the security labels with you.

Subsequent removal of the nanograms from the product result in delamination thereby remains an easily identifiable labelling on the product surface, which is difficult to dissolve. The destroyed hologram/nanogram cannot be re-used. The individual use of different adhesives enables the security labels to be applied to almost any surface or to be combined with any printed product. Therefore we will be able to find the perfect solution for your product.

Do you need a nanogram as a tamper-evident sealing for your product or the packaging? Or a nanogram on adhesive labels or hang tags? On the following pages you will find a variety of holographical solutions based on numerous product combinations.