Hologram Labels From Manufacturer

Holograms are forgery-proof and allow a complete re-tracing of marked goods.

As a hologram manufacturer we can look back on our long-term experience in the field of product and brand protection.

Together with our clients we develop unique holograms and customized security concepts.

Our special security foils and individual laser engravings guarantee 100% protection against counterfeits. With barcodes, QR-codes or RFID-technology we can delevop a tracking and tracing system for more product traceability.

Protect your company and your products effectively against product piracy!

With our sophisticated security concept and our 2D/3D-labels you can protect your brand and products effectively against forgery and imitations. Our hologram stickers comprise of high-quality foil, which can not be removed without leaving residues. This ensures that holograms can not be transferred. The labels can also be used as tamper-evident seals.

Advantages of hologram security labels are:

  • High recognition
  • 100% forgery- proof
  • Numerous security features like laserengraving, numbered labels, open and hidden security features of the four security levels with forensic and patented features)
  • suitable for track-and-trace-systems

Taking into consideration your individual requirements, we can support you in the design and development of your security concept with our holographic label solution.

We would be pleased to answer your questions regarding holograms, holographic labels, track-and-trace systems and a customized security concept for your company.
You can reach us by phone at the following number +49 4104 693-250. Or you can send us an E-mail to info@hologram-company.com.

We look forward to answering your questions.